Extended App Update July 2017. In the last update of July 2017, the Bohol app was added some important spots. Added were among police stations, ambulances and fire stations of the municipalities Dauis and Panglao. These new spots are also available in the FREE LITE VERSION with all data and navigation.

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Update July 2017 of Bohol Travel GUIDE

In the July update all petrol stations on the island Panglao were added. Of course with exact GPS coordinates. The gas station network on the island of Bohol is very dense. In order not to overfill the app, we therefore limit the filling stations to the island of Panglao. Bohol Travel GUIDE with a total of 246 Bohol spots.

Added to this were car and motorcycle cleaning service and repair shops. The category in the APP is called  Petrol & Vehicles. This category with all data and navigation available only in the FULL VERSION – Bohol Travel GUIDE. All our ⇒ app updates at a glance.


In the July update also a new top attraction came in the app: Hot air balloon rides over the Chocolate Hills

July Update Bohol App Hot Air Ballon

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