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Google Play Store is known to everyone as number one for Android apps. While the Chinese Government has banned its citizens from Play Store anyone can download Bohol Travel GUIDE directly from our Blog.

Download Bohol Travel GUIDE of our App Store

Now you can even download the app directly from our blog – just as secure as in the Play Store! For more information and to download, visit our ⇒ APP STORE here on the homepage.

Become a Bohol App Partner

In addition, our partners now have the chance to advertise and be financially rewarded on every sale of the app via personalized text links and banners. Instructions are clear and simple. You don’t have any obligations, but a chance to earn money with our ⇒ APP PARTNER PROGRAM.

Bohol App Affiliate Partner Program

Did you know that Bohol Travel GUIDE – App is the perfect resource for guests and visitors? Everybody here: locals, residents, students – everyone can benefit from the app!

It is not only the best source of information for eating, drinking, nightlife, day-time activities and excursions, our app also works as a DIGITAL DISCOUNT CARD. More than 30 of our valued partners give our app users discounts and benefits – how great is that!

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