About The Bohol Travel Guide App

The Bohol app – Panglao & Bohol Travel Guide. The android application for all Bohol visitors and tourists. But even locals and expats get a big benefit using the app. Especially the full version, which can additionally be used as a digital discount card.

Bohol App – Bohol Travel Guide Key Features

  • Digital Discount Card
  • Real Time Distance Display
  • Completely Offline Function
  • Shows Best Bohol Spots
  • Free Updates On Lifetime

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Bohol Travel GUIDE – A nice app for Bohol

Bohol app presentation ⇒ Homepage

Discover best bohol tourists spots. The real-time distance display shows you clearly the way to the desired spot by navigation. After downloading, the app works completely offline. All content, including images, maps are stored on your smartphone.

Panglao & Bohol Travel Guide Application

There are 2 versions of the app.

  1. Bohol Travel GUIDE ⇒ Download
  2. Bohol Travel LITE

Only the FULL VERSION can be used as a digital discount card. Discover Panglao & Bohol with our App. Our suggestion: Just try first the free Lite version and then decide. The Lite version is stripped down, but fully usable.

Bohol Travel GUIDE on Google Play – only PHP 150

Bohol Travel Guide Google Play


Bohol Travel LITE on Google Play – For FREE

Bohol Travel Lite Google Play

How to buy the full version without credit card  learn more

The Lite version contains as many spots as in the full version. In the free lite version about only half of the spots are open with full content, infos and navigation. For further differences between LITE and FULL VERSION please refer to the description of Lite Version on ⇒ Google Play.

The story behind the bohol app

Bohol App Travel Story
The Story of Bohol Travel App

In May 2016, 2 foreigners living here sat together in a cafe and talked about traveling in general, the tourism on Panglao / Bohol in particular. They figured out that you are quite alone when you arrive in Bohol, very much information you have to look at different places, providers, institutions. The printed guides provide some, but are mostly not up-to-date.

Since both gentlemen have been living on Bohol for many years, they came up with the idea to support the tourism of the region. In which way was even easy to decide: the best would be a App for this because almost none is without a smartphone these days.

Months later, the Bohol Travel Guide App got created.

In doing so, attention has always been paid to the needs of a Bohol visitor, what he needs to know. All this has been cataloged, digitalized. Since the gentlemen have high demands on themselves, almost all the places listed in the app were personally visited, assessed, GPS coordinates recorded.

In the respective conversations with the individual owners of restaurants, etc., the idea got born that they give the FULL VERSION app user an additional benefit by receiving discounts and additional services. Many of the partners quickly realized that they are increasing their attractiveness, making additional business….AND the user a big benefit!

On 10.10.2016 the first version of the app was published, since then there were ⇒ always updates with new spots, categories and informations.


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