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Behold best Bohol attractions, tourist spots, activities, nature and religious sites. All contents are of course included in Bohol Travel Guide App. The island of Bohol offers a huge variety of interesting places. Some of them are unique in the world. There is much to see, discover Panglao & Bohol with ⇒ Bohol Travel Guide App.

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Discover best Panglao & Bohol attractions

We do not show all the Bohol  attractions, this would go beyond the scope. Actually the whole island is a tourist attraction. Rather, we give a short impression with pictures of the island Bohol.

Behold the unique Chocolate Hills in Bohol

More than 1200 hemispherical or conical shaped hills of approximately the same size. The ⇒ Chocolate Hills spread over an area of more than 50 square kilometres (about 20 sq miles). They are covered with green grass, which turns brown during the dry season and lends its name to the hills.

The Philippine Tarsier – Mawmag in cebuano

One of the main bohol attractions, – the ⇒ Philippine Tarsier (Tarsiidae) is a primate species from the group of the Koboldmakis. In Bohol, he is known simply as a tarsier or mawmag. Characteristics are the big eyes, the very moving neck and the long hind legs, with which they can jump very far. Without tail they reach a size of 12 to 13 centimeters. Their weight is only incredible 110 to 150 grams and they are about fist-sized.

Loboc River – Boats with floating restaurant

The Loboc River with its floating restaurant boats is very popular with tourists. The price for the boat trip including the authentic Philippine buffet is only 450 peso per person. At a stopover you will be entertained by a cultural show, – singing and dancing.

Blood Compact Bohol – Sandugo

The Sandugo Blood Compact. The first friendship agreement between Filipinos and the Spaniards. This agreement was decided on 16 March 1565 between Datu Sikatuna, the chief of Bohol and the Spaniard Miguel López de Legazpi. This happened in the early Spanish colonial period of 1565. The Spanish occupation of the Philippines began in 1521 and ended in 1898.

The flag of Bohol symbolizes the blood compact.
Flag of Bohol Province, Philippines
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Historic churches & cathedrals in Bohol

There are many historic churches and cathedrals in Bohol. Most of them are from the Spanish occupation. At the great earthquake of 15 October 2013 many of these churches were severely damaged. In the meantime, however, most of them have been completely restored.

Dream beaches in Bohol – Philippines

Other bohol attractions are the beautiful beaches. There are many great beaches from Panglao to Anda and the surrounding islands. The most famous is probably the Alona Beach. The largest is the white beach (Dumaluan) on the island of Panglao. Here you will find a detailed ⇒ Panglao beach guide.

Waterfalls on the island of Bohol

Three famous waterfalls in Bohol. The Kawasan falls, Mag Aso falls and the Can-Umantad waterfalls. There are still some more to see like Dimiao Twin falls, Inambakan falls, Busay falls… We will add these in the near future.

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