App Update History – Bohol Travel Guide

App update history of the BOHOL TRAVEL GUIDE summarized. So that it remains well arranged in the future, not all details are up leads. The list is sorted by most recent first.

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App update history of   Bohol Travel GUIDE

November 2017 Update
  • New places added (Total of 255 Spots)
  • Diving centers, restaurants and more
  • New discount partners
  • Content updates
  • GPS coordinates improved
Oktober 2017 Update
  • New places added (Total of 251 Spots)
  • Diving centers, restaurants and the cheapest ticket for public transport from Panglao to Tagbilaran City
  • GPS coordinates improved
September 2017 Update
  • New places added (Total of 246 Spots)
  • Some Businesses/Places are closed. These were removed from the app
  • Hyperlinks updated
  • Many GPS coordinates improved
July 2017 Update extented  update
  • GPS coordinates improved
  • Many new places added (Total of 242 Spots)
    Including: Police stations, ambulances, fire stations…
  • Now with all petrol stations in Panglao
  • New attractions such as historic churches, Hot air balloon rides
June 2017 Update
  • New category “Petrol & Vehicles” added
  • The categories “Nightlife” and “Food & drink” merge to “Food, drink & nightlife”
  • New places added (total of 226)
    Gasoline stations, car/motorcycle tire shop, bars, restaurants…
May 2017 Update
  • GPS coordinates improved
  • New discount partners
  • New places added (Total of 210)
    Among other: money matters, tourist attractions, hotels, deli, stores, car wash…
December 2016 Update:
  • New places added (Total of 198)
    Including restaurants, hotels, convenience store, motorcycle rentals
November 2016 Update:
  • New category “watersports & diving” added
  • New places added
  • New partners and discounts

October 2016 – Bohol Travel Guide App launched

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